From the moment you engage WMAV for your event we work with you to make your conference or event exactly the way you envision it through your eyes.  When planning events you have a lot to stress about.  WMAV strives to take this part of the stress away by providing personalized attention to detail, equipment and on site technical support.



Phone conversations are great but there's nothing better than meeting in person.  We find this enables a broader conversation which 

usually illuminates unknown needs and any potential issues that may not have been discovered until the event set-up.



This is were the detailing begins.  We begin with site inspections, often with you.  Produce 3D CAD drawings, identify the best equipment to be used, and connect with everyone, (i.e. venue, presenters) involved with the production. 



This is where we prove to you we can take your stress away and the planning turns into the finished product.  Everything will be ready to go when your attendees arrive.  As planned.  

Mailing :

P.O. Box 548

Center Ossipee, NH  03814


10 Moultonville Road

Center Ossipee, NH  03814


T: 603-539-3219

F: 603-539-7665 


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